Monday, October 23, 2017

Student Spotlight: Lexi Bailey, 2017 Harris Middle School Football Homecoming Queen

By: Ariana Floyd

Ariana Floyd: How did it feel when you found out you were selected as the 2017 Harris Middle School Football Homecoming Queen?

Lexi Bailey: To be named queen, it felt like an honor.

Floyd: Did you think you would be queen or was it a surprise?

Bailey: When they said I was chosen I was surprised.

Floyd: Who did you want to win 2017 Harris Middle School Football Homecoming King?

Bailey: I knew Kade would win.

Floyd: Congratulations on your win and thank you for your time.
Bailey: Thank you so much! 
Lexi Bailey is an 8th grader at Harris Middle School, a 2 year member of the HMS Cheer Squad, 3 year member of the student council and a member of the National Junior Honor Society.

Teacher Spotlight Interview with Greg Napper

By: Iziah Ruiz

Iziah Ruiz: How do you think the Harris Middle School (HMS) Pep Rally was?

Mr. Napper: The HMS Pep Rally was fun and loud!

Ruiz: Was it above or below your expectations?

Napper: It was what I expected at HMS, since I’ve been to pep rallies at Community Middle School (CMS).

Ruiz: Will you do another pep rally?

Napper: Yes, I will definitely play in another pep rally.

Ruiz: What would you do different?

Napper: Hear the band play more.

Ruiz: Was there any time the band messed up?

Napper: Yes.

Ruiz: When did the band mess up?

Napper: I don’t remember a specific mistake, but I know that everybody messes up at some time. My only expectation is that we learn from our mistakes.

Ruiz: Will you play any more songs?

Napper: Yes, a snippet of Uptown Funk.

Ruiz: How was the homecoming game?

Napper: Unfortunately, we were not able to stay and play for the game. Due to the possibility of continued rainfall, I choose to dismiss the band, so that we could prevent any instrument damage. 

Ruiz: Thank you for your time.

Napper: Thank you.

Greg Napper is the band director at Harris Middle School, this is his first year at HMS.

Teacher Spotlight with Coach Jim Dougherty

by Malekai Erwin

Maleki Erwin: How do you feel the season has gone so far?

Coach Jim Dougherty: It’s been OK. It could have been better and was rocky at times. Tuesday Pep Rally was awesome.

Erwin: How do you think the rest of the season will go?

Coach D: We still have a chance to finish the season strong.

Erwin: What is your favorite part about being a middle school football coach?

Coach D: I really enjoy practices, but the games stress me out.

Erwin: Is the Harris Middle School Football team the first team that you have coached?

Coach D: (laughs) No! This is the 86th different team from one sport or another that I have coached in my career. It seems like I have been a coach my whole life. I have coached lots of different sports, however football is my favorite.

Erwin: Thank you for your time. 

Coach D: Thank you.

Jim Dougherty is the head coach of the Harris Middle School football team and a 6th grade Social Studies Teacher.